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We hope you are safe and secure. If you have suffered damage and need to report a claim, the link below lists the insurers claims hotlines. Some key points to consider:

1. Once it is safe to do so, assess all the damage, take photos and itemize a list

2. Do your best to prevent further damage

3. If you need to hire a contractor for immediate repairs, please be wary of contractors who ask you to sign any document, particularly if it involves them handling the entire claim. We do not advise you to sign an "ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS" or "AOB" without fully understanding the contract.

4. Contact your insurer as soon as possible- please note that once you have filed your report and an adjuster will contact you back to handle your claim.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact our office for further assistance!

"I need to report a claim"

When you suffer a claim, no matter how big or small, it affects you. But there's no need for alarm. As long as you have the proper coverage you are assured that you will be made whole again.

There are a few simple, yet very important steps when you experience any claim. Whether, its your home, business or auto, these general rules apply straight across the board:

For your home or property, as soon as "practicable" assess the damage, ensuring that it is safe to do so. As a part of the insuring contract, it is the insureds responsibility to prevent further damage from occurring. Depending on the nature of the claim, it is recommended to contacting the insurer directly. There are many arguments for and against letting your insurer handle the claim but in most cases this is actually the fastest way to have your claim started without jeopardizing your settlement. For non-weather related water damages, most insurers have in place a mitigation team who will handle this type of claim almost immediately. If by chance you have to buy material keep track of your purchases and be prepared to provide those receipts to your adjuster. If you need to pay for any immediate contracting services, IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO SIGN AN "ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS", unless you are in complete understanding of the process. 

For your automobile claims, if you are involved in accident, always obtain a police report- whether you are at fault or not. Some of the most common situations for some is to call and ask whether there is coverage for damages or not, and if there is towing services. This is a discussion to have at the point of sale and not when you are involved in an accident. Hopefully you have purchased this coverage and depending on the insurer, you can call the claim in and request the towing service all at the same time. When contacting the claims department, it makes sense to ensure you have all the information first- typically from the police report - and then call so report can be completed.

For our commercial customers, other than the property damages, it is important to document as much detail as possible in the event of a claim. For liability related claims, documenting the event as well as any witnesses can be useful for your adjuster. If it's a medical or an injury, immediately request medical services. For your protection from further liability it is not advisable allow any injury to go untreated. 

Contact your insurer or agency representative as soon as you are aware of a claim to initiate and get the a file established. Generally speaking, after a claim report has been made, the insurer will assign an adjuster to assist and have your insurer represent you. And it is a part of the insuring agreement that you as the insured is obligated to cooperate with the claims adjuster and insurer in order that your claim is handled properly.

In any claims situation, the general process is reporting in a timely manner with as much information so the adjuster has the opportunity to investigate as thoroughly and quickly so the repairs or settlement can be completed. As always, we at the agency are here to assist and answer any questions to ensure your claim is handled efficiently.