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Due to the increase in the number of applications, the quickest response from our Notary Team is via eMail:


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State of Florida

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Notary E&O

Insurance is our business, and we highly recommend E&O coverage to protect your Notarial Acts.

We Answer Your Call

If you have any questions concerning Notarizing documents, we are here to assist you.

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Our customers consistently thank us for our personal attention, and knowledge of the Florida Notary Statutes.

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How much does it cost? It depends on the Stamp and the E&O purchase.

How long is the process? Typically 4 weeks via USPS.

What can I do if I need it quicker?

We also provide the FedEx Ground which we guarantee you are commissioned and will receive your Notary Stamp within 2-3 weeks (Please contact us regarding the fee)

I mailed in my application package, now what? Once we receive your complete application, we will process and send to the State, and once you are commissioned, we will order your Notary Stamp & any other items purchased. You will receive 2 packages; Your Notary Stamp and then your Documents- Notary Certificate, window decal, Notary Journal, and E&O (if purchased)






Name Change

  • Download and complete Florida Notary Name Change application
  • Mail in to us for processing

State of Florida Requirements


  • Minimum Age 18
  • Complete a 3 hour Notary Education Course- Free online
  • Florida Resident
  • Non-US Citizens must file a "DECLARATION OF DOMICILE" with their respective county courthouse
  • Download and complete Florida Notary application
  • Mail in to us for processing

Renewal Florida Notary

New Florida Notary

  • Complete 3 Hour Notary Course-(Free Online)
  • Download and complete Florida Notary application
  • Mail in to us for processing

Florida Notary Package:

  • Florida Notary application fee $39.00
  • Bond of Notary Public $20.00
  • Self-inking Rectangular Notary Seal $16.00
  • S/H $7.00
  • Notary Journal- Free
  • Window Decal- Free
  • Agency Fee $12.00

Florida Notary Public

Bonding Agency

Serving the State of Florida for more than a decade, our commitment continues.